Europe Vacation 2015: Old Uppsala Church

Europe Vacation 2015: Old Uppsala Church
Next to the Uppsala Viking Burial Mounds is the Old Uppsala Church.  It is an amazing thing to be inside of a structure that is over 1000 years old and to be able to see the various versions of the building within the stone walls.  In the garden cemetery of the church was a building that looked like an old stave church, but I think that it was being used to store garden tools.

I chose a red and brown theme for this page to compliment the stones, bricks, and roof of the church.  I placed the brochure for the church on the page held by a strip of cardstock.  I did this because the brochure had information on the back that I wanted to be able to view, and therefore could not affix it directly to the page.  If the viewer wants to read this brochure they would need to remove the entire page from the plastic sheet protector in order to remove it from the holding cardstock strip.

The photographs are bordered in brown, and the two border strips on the right hand side were created using a Creative Memories tearing ruler.    Adding a side border like this often will add interest to the page, and make it feel multi-dimensional.

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