Europe Vacation 2015: Randegger – Mineral Water Factory

Europe Vacation 2015: Randegger - Sparkling Water Factory
The Reichmann’s have friends, the Fleishmann’s who own Randegger, which is a mineral water bottling company.  They were kind enough to take us on a tour of the factory and those pictures are featured here.  The color scheme is based on the logo of the company which you can see in the top right hand corner.  This is a piece of post-it-note pad paper that has their logo on it.  All of their products are bottle in glass bottles so you can imagine how loud it was inside of the factory.

Europe Vacation 2015: Randegger 2

After the factory tour the Fleishmann’s invited us into the basement room of the original factory which is also the family home.  They have a beautiful tasting room and we sampled many flavors of sparkling water.  You can see these pictures on the left hand page.  While we were there Mr Fleishmann’s father invited us to see the inside of the house (top right hand picture), and then invited us to have coffee with him on the back porch.  We had a wonderful time visiting with their family.  We found that the Germans are very hospitable people.

Europe Vacation 2015: Randegger 3

The third spread of this event is a set of bottle labels that Mr Fleishmann gave to us.  He also gave us a brochure of the company, and I used that folder to save even more of the labels.  The folder is placed inside the plastic protector sheet, and can be taken out and opened to view the remaining labels as can be seen in the picture below:

Europe Vacation 2015: Randegger 4Note: Ignore the website – the new URL is now

If you can’t tell by the number of pages I made for this event – we had a great time and it was one of the highlights of our trip!

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