2015: Exchange Student – New York – Ellis Island

2015: Exchange Student - New York - Ellis Island
Another day trip that Henry made was to Ellis Island.  I think that they wanted to go inside the Statue of Liberty, but that all of the tickets for that day had been sold.  I had a background page of the Statue of Liberty already left over from another trip and it worked great for this spread (left hand side).  On the right hand side I used some road background paper and put a paper cut (made with my Cricut machine) on top of it.  This bold piece helps to define the location of this adventure and makes a strong visual statement.  In order to fit all of the pictures without overpowering the paper cutout, I put a photograph behind the cutout.  I also used very thin borders around the pictures so as to not take away from the amazing New York skyline background paper.

As you know, ephemera is important to me in this work, and so the ticket for the trip is on the bottom right hand page.

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