2015: St Louis Science Center

2015: St Louis Science Center
As part of our Thanksgiving vacation we went to the St Louis Science Center.  I misread the time that they opened so we ended up getting there an hour early!  The St Louis Science Center is a massive complex that will engage your family all day long.  It is free to enter, but there is always a special exhibit that you can pay more to enter, and tickets to the Omnimax theater as well.    We were able to see the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! travelling exhibit which was pretty fun to interact with.

I chose “sciency” background papers and borders for this project – diamond stamp, graph paper, and geometric shapes.   I put the program on the left hand page on top of the plastic page protector so that it could be opened for the viewer to read.  On the right hand page I made a pocket out of triangles for the brochures to go in, so that they could be taken out to read.  I did this by using a long strip of adhesive tabs along the bottom and the side of the triangle to assure that the brochures did not fall through.   As is my usual habit, the ticket to the event was added to the page to remind the viewer of the date that we had this amazing experience.

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