2015: Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour

2015: Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour
Another stop that we made on our Thanksgiving Dinner was to the Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour in St Louis.  I should be clear to share that I choose not to drink alcohol, but the tour is fascinating even for those that do not drink.  I have enjoyed taking our exchange students there, and they are always sad that they are not old enough in the United States to participate in the free samples that are given out at two times during the tour.  During this visit, our exchange student Henry, decided that he was going to make a sad face in every picture because he was not allowed to drink 😦

For this spread I had to use red paper to match the logo of the Brewery, and had fun with the ephemera that I collected on this trip – there is a piece of beechwood used in the fermentation process (picked up in the massive fermentation room), a coaster from the biergarten at the end of the tour, our ticket for the tour (By the way – it is free!), and magnetic borders for the photographs that I purchased from the tour.

Tour Tips:

  • Arrive early as tours can fill up quickly, and later tours tend to be much larger, and it is harder to hear the tour guide.
  • Be aware that at two points in the tour they will provide alcohol to the tour members.  During the tour a sample is offered, and at the end of the tour drink cards are given for people to make their own selection.  The drink cards can also be exchanged for a soda drink for the kids, or for teetotalers like me :).

We have been on this tour a couple of times – so here are the creations from our other visits:

Your perfect bathroom vanity awaits

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