2016: Iozzo’s Garden of Italy

2016: Iozzo's Garden of Italy
A colleague of mine gave me a gift card for Christmas to Iozzo’s Garden of Italy – a family restaurant in Indianapolis. She knew that my son loved unique dining experiences and wanted to give us a family adventure.  We had a great time here – great food and engaging staff.  A definite top choice for our family!

I have a paper pad of food items and there were these two pages of tomatoes within the pack.  I had previously thought “what am I ever going to do with these tomato pages”, but after I saw the logo of Iozzo’s I knew that I had to use them on this page.   It was a little too busy to use the full pages across both spreads, and so I used a par of sharp nosed scissors to very carefully cut along the outline of a row of tomatoes and then affixed that to a solid red paper so that the menu on the right hand page would stand out.  The menu is attached the the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view it.  I used the same red paper to border the photographs on the left hand page to help to tie the two pages together.  When we go out to eat at fancy restaurants we always take pictures of our food so that my son can recreate them later!

Reminisce “In the Kitchen” Collection Kit, 12″ by 12″

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