2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Paul Revere House

2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – Paul Revere House

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Paul Revere House
Our next stop on the Freedom Trail was the Paul Revere House.   In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting stops on the Freedom Trail.  The home was built around 1680 and is the oldest structure in downtown Boston.  It is amazing that this historic home still stands in the middle of more modern construction.  You can tell how much shorter people were 200 years ago, just by the size of the door frames.

As with my other spreads on the Freedom Trail, this spread has the strip of bricks running across it, bordered in a dark brown.  Starting on the left, I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the border.  On the left page are pictures of the Paul Revere statue, and the right page has pictures from the house itself.  The brochure is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view.  I bordered the pictures with the same brown that borders the brick strip to tie the theme of the spread together.


Freedom’s Light: A Story About Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

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