2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Bunker Hill Monument & USS Constitution

2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – Bunker Hill Monument & USS Constitution

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Bunker Hill Monument & USS Constitution
It is quite a walk to the next two stops on the Freedom Trail – but well worth it – the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution (Follow links to find out more about the history of these two historic places).

This is the last spread dedicated to the Freedom Trail.  As with all of the previous spreads dedicated to the Freedom Trail I have placed a strip of bricks across the pages to tie them together.  I was able to find this beautiful background paper that fit the spread perfectly in the Cape Cod Paper Pack (See right –>).  As I wanted to show as much of the background boat as possible I placed the pictures on the right hand page as close to the edge as possible.  I cropped this photo a little wide so that you could see how close to the edge of the paper the pictures are.

The left hand page has a left edge that I cut using my paper trimmer to mimic the shape of the monument.  I did this in black (even though the monument is white/grey) to match the silhouetted picture that is on the page.  I also bordered all of the pictures on the spread in black to help to make them stand out, and to tie into the theme.  I used a swivel cutter and circle template to cut the rubber stamp impression that I made at the museum for the Bunker Hill Monument.  I enjoy using these stamps as the show both the location and the date that you visited a location.

On each page you will see just the top of the brochure from that location.  I cut pockets into the pages (Learn How to Create Pockets to store Ephemera) for the brochures.  This was necessary to do so that the brochures did not dominate the background pages – i.e. – I wanted to be able to see the boat on the background page.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

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