Summer Road Trip 2017: Mud Island River Park

Summer Road Trip 2017: Mud Island River Park

Summer Road Trip 2017: Mud Island River Park
If you are visiting Memphis I believe that one of the things that you must do is visit Mud Island River Park.  It is located on an island in the Mississippi, and contains a scale model of the entire Mississippi river.   It is fun to start at the beginning of the river and follow it all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  On a hot day it is refreshing to dip one’s feet into the water while tracing the route.

I chose a brown theme for this spread to mimic the browns that were in the cement outlines of the model.  On the left hand page there is an attraction brochure, my ticket to the park, a picture of the suspension railway that I used to get over to the island (you can walk but it is more fun to take the railway), and a ships steering wheel (to remind one of the Steam Paddle Boats which use to tame the Mississippi).  I cut the ships wheel out using my Cricut Machine.

The right hand page has 3 photographs that I took of the site, and a postcard which I purchased in the gift shop.  I bordered all of the photographs in brown, and then used the circle left over from the middle of the ships wheel cutout to put in the middle of the page.  I used a decorative brad to hold it in place and give the page a little more ornate character.

Mud Island Video Tour

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