2017: Ark Encounter Title Page

Summer Road Trip 2017: Ark Encounter

2017: Ark Encounter Title Page
This is a six page spread that I made of the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, which also was my last major visit on my Summer Road Trip.  I used panoramic fold out page protectors for this spread – which allow for a 2 page title page which then splits in the middle to open up to a 4 page layout.  For the opening title pages I decided to just go with the logo of the attraction, which I downloaded from the web, then used Cricut Design Space to clean it up, and then my Cricut machine to make the cut.  I cut it on a 12×24 mat, with the brown background pages put on to it side by side.  I then used a wood plank background paper behind the brown paper to help the image stand out.

Summer Road Trip 2017: Ark Encounter 2
When you open the title page this is the 4 page layout that you see inside.  I chose a wood plan background for the spread to mimic the boards in the Ark.  You may want to click on the image so that you can zoom in to see it in more detail.  On the left most page you can see a professional photograph of the site plus my admission ticket.

The second page is the professional photos from the location in a folder.  I mounted this in such a way that you can open it even with the plastic page protector.  (Learn how to Create a opening folder on a scrapbook page).  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of it open – sorry 😦  .

The third and fourth pages have photographs that I took at the site, as well as the museum brochure which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be open and viewed.  I bordered the photographs in a light brown paper so that they would stand out against the wood paper background pages.

Ark Encounter

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