Cancun 2017: Parasailing 1

Cancun 2017: Parasailing

Cancun 2017: Parasailing 1
While my son was preparing to scuba dive, I went parasailing on the Skyrider with the Aquaworld team. I was the first ride of the day, which was nice as I didn’t have to wait for other people to ride first.  I create a six page spread for this adventure using 2 Panoramic fold-out page protectors.  This creates a 2 page spread that opens up in the middle to reveal an additional 4 pages (below).

On all six pages I used a torn edge blend of two blues to mimic the horizon where the sea meets the sky.  i also bordered all of the photos in white to help them stand out against the blue background.

For the open double page spread I put pictures of me taken by the professional photographer who was on the boat.  I also used my Cricut Machine to cut the boat, the parachute, and the person out of white paper.  All three are actually from different images that I used together to recreate the para-sail experience. I then used colored markers to color all three with the colors of the actual items from the event.  I also used a black marker to edge the cuts to help them have more definition on the page.

Cancun 2017: Parasailing 2
This picture shows the inside 4 pages, which you may want to click on to expand so that you can see it better.  I had fun with this page – the photographer took a bunch of shots and I put them in sequence showing my ascendance into the heavens.  I put each one slightly higher from left to right to recreate the distance and height from the boat.  The other 4 pictures are ones that I took with my phone while on the para-sail and I placed them at about the same place in the sequence as the photographs from the boat.

I will say that this experience is a lot more serene that one would think – it is actually pretty quiet and peaceful when you get up there – it is not the adrenaline kind of rush that you get from other extreme experiences.  But – it was perfect for what I needed for that day!

: Video of the Skyrider at Aqua World.

Parque Xcaret Admisión + Actividades Opcionales a precio especial en Cancún y Riviera Maya.

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