2018: Indiana Road Trip - Nashville

2018: Indiana Road Trip – Nashville

2018: Indiana Road Trip - Nashville

After the Cummins tour we headed to Nashville Indiana in the heart of Brown County. This is a wonderful artists colony that is amazing to visit in the Fall. However we were here in March, on what turned out to be a pretty cold day!  As it was so cold we were inside stores most of the time and so I didn’t take many pictures – in fact – there is only one on the spread – the picture of the group eating lunch at the Artists Colony Inn and Restaurant.   I spent most of my time in the two scrapbook stores (Wishful Thinking and Papertrix), which is where I purchased many of the location papers and embellishments that are found in the Indiana Road Trip pages.  While I was doing that my son was learning new magic tricks at Rich Hill’s Magic and Fun Emporium a couple of blocks away.   You can see many of the pieces of ephemera from these locations on this page.

This is an interesting spread, in that I had quite a bit of ephemera, but only 1 photograph, and I was struggling with how to make it look interesting.  I discovered the left hand background page among my purchases and decided to it to create a “busy” theme for the page.  If you look carefully at the left hand page you will see that I only put three things on it – the “Brown County” cutout, the photo of us at the restaurant, and the Magic Shop business card.  All the rest of the business comes from the background page itself.  The right hand page is actually just a map paper, and I have slid the brochures from places that we visited into the plastic page protector – nothing is affixed to this page, it is just serving as a full sized pocket to hold the brochures.

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