2011: Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trip – Fern Lake, Cub Lake, The Pool

The two spreads discussed on this page our from our first day hike to Fern Lake, Cub Lake and The Pool. I am pretty proud of these pages because I took the photos for the background paper! When we went on the trip, I had planned to do this in the scrapbook, so I purposely took pictures of textures and landscapes that could be used as background pages. When I got home, I used them to make a digital scrapbook which I then had professionally printed. I then cut that book apart to make these background pages.

I used my Cricut Machine to cut the date out. The metal circle in the top left circles a map of the hiking route that we took on this date, and the three hiking patches below share the places that we hiked to on this day. I was able to purchase the patches at the National Park store. I used a corner punch to round the photograph corners on the page. I did not put borders on the photos as I wanted to see as much of the background as possible. Can you find the metal deer brad on this page?

This second spread from this day is pretty simple. The background paper is from the digital album that I made of my own photographs and all of the pictures are grouped together tightly so that we can see the texture of the background paper which is a closeup of lichen on a rock. This spread also has the metal deer brad – can you find it?

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