2011: Colorado Vacation – Air Force Academy & Casa Bonita

On our last day of our 2011 Colorado vacation, we visited the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and then went out for dinner in Denver at Casa Bonita.

Parts of the Air Force Academy are open to the public – they have a nice visitors center with historical information, and you can also visit the amazing chapel. The left-hand page has pictures from our time at the Air Force Academy on a pre-printed mountain sky background. I chose this background paper because the Air Force Academy is located at the base of the Mountains with them stretching up in the background. I attached a patch from the gift shop in the top left-hand corner and also attached the Visitor’s Map to the outside of the plastic page protector. You may notice that I have put a fancy paperclip on the brochure. I did this because every time the page was turned this map would open all the way up, and this paperclip helps to hold it together.

Casa Bonita is currently closed, but they are promising to open again. They had to close down because of Covid-19, and during that time they came under new management and are remodeling. But when they open – and if you are in the area – it is an amazing dining experience with all kinds of entertainment including cliff diving! I chose an old-style background for this page to match the theme of the restaurant and used an ornate corner punch to create the cutout patter on the corner of the photographs. The sticker and the keychain on the page come from the restaurant gift shop.

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