2019: Ernie Johnson Jr.

In February 2019 Ernie Johnson Jr, came to the institution where I was working at the time to receive an award. I had the privilege of teaching a leadership class centered around Ernie’s Book, Unscripted, and because of this I was asked to serve as a host for Ernie for part of the day. He spoke in my class in the morning during breakfast, spoke at a special convocation, participated in an open forum, attended a basketball game, and did a book signing afterwards. It was a long day, and I was exhausted, but I was amazed by Ernie’s stamina to engage fully with each person who talked with him.

This spread honors that day and Ernie. I chose a red background paper to match the school colors, and the red in some of the pictures (including my shirt!) I bordered the ephemera and the photos in white to match the white around the institutional stickers on the page. The left-hand page has some bookmarks and the luncheon program from the day.

I want to give a little shoutout to my friend, Mason Metzger, who is in the picture in the bottom right-hand corner. Mason was in my class, and also the student speaker at the luncheon. Mason is a motivational and Keynote speaker, and an amazing person – I encourage you to learn from him at his webpage – MasonMetzger.com

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