2019: IWU Spirit Rock

In August 2019 Indiana Wesleyan University welcomed freshmen to New Student Orientation. One of the new traditions that the Class of 2023 experienced was the painting of the IWU Spirit Rock. Earlier in the week the rock was painted with the school logo (top picture), and later in the week all new students had the opportunity to put their handprint in paint on it (middle picture). Then the Class of 2023 picture was taken with the IWU Spirit Rock and all of the new students (bottom picture).

Even though the rock gets painted over often, all the students will know that their handprint is on the rock under those layers of paint. It is a great tradition that everyone gets to be a part of.

I chose a red, white, and grey theme for this page to match the colors of the pictures, the rock, and the school colors. For the lefthand page I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the school logo in large format so that it filled the whole page, as well as the smaller “IWU” that is on the righthand page.

I used a triple layer of paper on the righthand page, and a wave paper cutter to make the curves. Each of the three photos has a thing black border to help the photos stand out on the page.

To watch a video of the creation of this page click below:

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