2019: Thanksgiving at the Old Mill Restuarant

I had heard that the all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving meal at the Old Mill Restuarant in Pigeon Forge was incredible, and so my son (who had arrived late the night before) and I went early to go stand in line for the opening. We got there at 8am for an 11am seating, and probably were about 100th in line. So, if you are ever going to do this go early because it is a very popular place on Thanksgiving Day. We were not disappointed in the food or the service and had a great time. It was the perfect way for us to spend Thanksgiving Day on a vacation.

I chose green and orange papers to match the menu and the Thanksgiving theme. You will see the colors from the photo borders and page borders also used in the turkey on the righthand page which I cut out using my Cricut Machine. Notice that I ended up cutting off some of the turkey’s wings – don’t be afraid to do something like this. If I had tried to get the whole turkey onto the page, it would have either not been the right size or would have taken up some of the space dedicated to the photos. It is ok to do this, and it does not take away from the cutout. Our eyes tend to fill in the rest of what is not there, making the spread seem bigger than it is.

Here is a video of me creating this page:

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