2019: Spending Thanksgiving celebrating Christmas at Dollywood

Now you may be saying to yourself “What? Thanksgiving? Christmas? What does he mean?” Well – it means that we spent the day after Thanksgiving (Good Friday) at Dollywood where it was the first day of their Christmas Holiday celebration! So, we skipped out on Black Friday shopping, and instead battled the crowds at Dollywood. My son had left late the night before, and we meet my sister and her family at Dollywood for the day. They don’t live too far away, and it was good to see them and spend the day together.

I chose the colors for this page based on my mother’s winter jacket and the picture of the lights hanging from the trees. The logo for Dollywood is a butterfly and so I cut one out using my Cricut Machine in the colors from the theme – match the photo borders and the torn edge borders on the sides of the spread. The background paper is a butterfly paper that was left over from some earlier trips to Dollywood (See previous Dollywood spreads). I put our tickets on the page, as well as the brochure which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to be read.

A video of me creating this page can be seen below:

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