2019: Rainbow over the new home

Just a couple of weeks after my move to Oklahoma and being in my new home we had a massive rainstorm that shook the house. Afterwards I went outside to make sure that everything was ok, and I looked back at our house and there was a massive double rainbow perfectly placed right behind our house. It was if God was telling me that he was blessing this move and that he would watch over us. I immediately took these pictures, and many more. Since I knew, I was not going to have many pages in the 2020 album, when I saw these pictures as I was planning for this album, I knew that I needed to make this page.

I used a cloud photographic background paper for these pages and then cut out the rainbow using my Cricut Machine with a 24×12 mat and 24×12 paper. This allowed me to put the rainbow on the pages, and then used a paper cutter to cut down the seam between the pages so that everything would be perfectly aligned. The pictures are matted with a thin black cardstock to help them stand out on the page.

The design is simple, but still stands out, while allowing the photographs to be prominent.

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