2020: Day Trip to Southeast Oklahoma

My first excursion in 2020 was in August when a friend and I decided it might be safe enough to venture out and explore. We were both new to the area and decided to take a day trip down to Southeast Oklahoma.

Our first stop was in Davis, OK were we stopped at the historical museum and some antique shops before continuing on to Turner Falls. Once there we discovered that you had to make a reservation to get in, so we drove up to a viewpoint to look down on the Falls. We then continued our journey on towards Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies (which you must try if you are in the area), and then had lunch at Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Ranch which was also an amazing place to eat. We then continued on down to Ardmore, OK, where we stopped at a cool used bookstore and hit up a couple more antique stores.

I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear all of the cardstock that make up the background of these pages. I layered the colors so that it would look like mountains in front of a blue sky. I did not mat these photos as I thought that they stood out enough, and I did not want to cover more of the background papers.

The lefthand page has pictures from Davis, OK and the Turner Falls, and the righthand page has pictures from the other locations. I made a small journal block to label the pictures so that I could remember the locations later since there were not written clues in the pictures themselves.

Notice that I put the pictures in the top left of each page under one of the strips which I think helps to emphasize the depth on the page created by the strips.

Below is a recording of me putting this spread together:

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