2011: Blue Man Group – Chicago

I have been to the Blue Man Group in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Orlando, but my favorite has always been the original theatre in Chicago. This was my first time to the Chicago Theatre, and the first time for my son to experience the Blue Man Group.

I chose a blue background paper because the theme for this spread has to be blue! The white squares of paper and the long white paper are all part of what we collected from the show! If you have seen them, you know what I am talking about! We collected this from the theater after the show was over.

On the lefthand page I used part of a sales brochure for the title block and used a corner punch to round the edges, as well as the edges of the photos on the page. The righthand page has the Playbill from the experience which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to view. I also cut out part of the sales brochure to add the “little blue man” to the page. On this page is a picture of my son who asked one of the performers to “mark” his head which they obliged him with.

HINT: Several of the locations will sell items and artwork made during the show at the gift shop.  I suggest talking to the gift shop before the show to see if they do this.  At some locations they sell it to the first person who asks after the show, and on a couple of occasions I have actually been able to purchase items before the show started.

To see other scrapbook pages I have made from other trips to see the Blue Man Group click here.

If you have never seen the Blue Man Group – here is a little taste:

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