2011: Hearst Castle – Page 1

Our main reason for heading to Northern California was to visit Hearst Castle, where my aunt, who was a High School English teacher, would spend many summers serving as a Tour Guide. She wanted to see if one last time. There are several spreads of Hearst Castle that I made that I will share over the next few days.

For this first spread I chose a blue theme to match the colors in the pictures. On the lefthand page is the official tour photo in a folder. This folder can be opened to show the pictures that are inside. The right side of the folder is under the plastic page protector. For instructions on how I did this click HERE.

The righthand page has a 60’s vintage sticker from the gift shop to which I added metal decorative scrolling to match the decor of the castle. I also add some of my own pictures of the location to this page and used a decorative corner punch on the matting for the photos to help hold them in place. Our tickets from the adventure are also on this same matting. I apologize for the glare on this spread – since the folder is on this spread it was not possible to take this apart to show without the plastic page protector.

Below is a fairly long video taken at Hearst Castle that serves as an excellent virtual tour of the location:

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