2011: Solvang, CA and The Red Viking

As we continued north during our post-Christmas 2011 Northern California trip we stopped in Solvang, CA, also known as Little Denmark. This is a wonderful town of Danish Heritage, and if you zoom in on the picture you can read the history of the town. Since so much in this town was red, that was the color scheme that I chose for this spread.

The history on the spread is actually a placemat from The Red Viking, a restaurant at which we ate lunch. We went to experience their famous smorgasbord (“buffet”) of yummy Danish Food. Since the placemat was so big, I spread it over both pages and used a paper cutter to cut it so that it would be on both pages. In this picture it is spread pretty far apart, but when you are reading it, you can push the two sides together pretty easily to make it easier to read.

We also took some time to explore the rest of the town shopping and I purchased the straw Christmas ornament which is also on the page. The pictures on the righthand page are from various sites in town, and I used a corner punch to cut the decorative corners on the pictures.

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