2021: Tulsa, Oklahoma Road Trip – Center of the Universe

During 2021 I served as part of a planning committee for a Regional Conference that was planned for Fall 2021 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Part of my role was to help plan an event for attendees in the area. Since I had just moved to Oklahoma the year before and had never explored Tulsa, I went with my parents on an exploration trip to see what opportunities there would be for fun locations. One of the tourist-listed sites was the Center of the Universe that would be within walking distance of the conference location, and so I thought that I would go and look.

The Center of the Universe is basically a spot on a walking path where if you stand and say something that it will echo back to you. It is a cool spot and is worth experiencing, but it should be an add on to a longer trip where you are visiting other locations. As you can see it was raining during the time that we were there, but the echo still worked, and we had fun with it.

I used the left-hand page to start the two-spread collection of this day’s experience by using Cricut Design Space to design the Title block and used my Cricut machine to cut it out. The color scheme for this page and the spread was determined by the background paper on the right-hand side which is an antique map of the known “universe” at the time. There is also a brown stick from TravelOK.com sticker in the bottom right of the page. I got this sticker as part of signing up for Oklahoma tourism, partially so that I could explore the state, but also to encourage students at my university to explore the world around them as well. You will see more of these on the next spread.

The right-hand page contains two items that I made using my Cricut machine. The top is a graphic that was created using the cut feature, and the bottom title block was created using the pen and cut feature. I will often do this when the cuts may be too fine to be able to glue down effectively and where I do not want to use my own handwriting.

Recently, for most of my scrapbook creations I have also created videos that show me putting them together and talking about the experiences as well as the techniques that I am using. So please enjoy watching this spread being created and assembled:

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