2022: New Years Eve Party

2022: New Years Day Party

2022: New Years Eve Party

My son spent his first day of 2022 helping to cater a New Years Day Party. He sent me these pictures that he and others had taken of them getting ready for the event, as well as the table layout. My son loves cooking and making fancy dishes of food that others can enjoy and so he had a great time doing this – and getting paid for it!

The background pages for this event came from a textured cardstock pack – the black design is actually felt and raises off of the page, so it is quite elegant. The top pictures on both sides were actually 4×4 prints from Instagram, but I cut them down to fit better on the page.

I made the title block using Cricut Design Space and the Cricut pen feature with “writing style” marked and used a thicker marker for the writing. I also used Cricut Design Space to design the placemat, silverware, and plate using stock images that I sized to fit and selected my own colors. For the plate I used a wreath pattern and the draw feature to add the design to the plate so that it matched the ones in the pictures that were used at the event. I used a gold marker to outline the plate and silverware to help them standout again the placemat.

I had some fun with the napkin – I used my sewing machine to create the seam around the napkin which can be seen in the video below:

After creating the thread seam I used a black marker to outline the napkin to help it stand out against the placemat. The placemat was also cut using my Cricut machine and took quite a while as you can see that the design is quite intricate. Once everything was attached to the pages, I used my straight-line cutting tool to cut the entire spread in half so that it could go into the page protectors.

I also created a video of putting the entire spread together which you can watch here:

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