2022: Paintball 2

2022: Paintball 2

2022: Paintball 2

My son had so many great professional shots of him playing paint with the Brevard Buccaneers that I had to make a second spread of the photos.

I had a lot of fun creating this one – especially the cutout buccaneer in the bottom right. The buccaneer is actually a “pirate” cutout file available in Cricut Design Space, and I just selected colors that match the Brevard Buccaneers logo to help it fit on the page. It is a multilayer cutout and took a little bit of time to cutout and assemble – but I think that it was worth it. I also enjoyed adding the yellow paint splatter to his head!

The yellow paint splashes and the target were cut out using my Cricut machine, and I used Cricut Design Space and the draw and pen feature to create the paintball gun and flag graphics. I chose yellow for the paint splatters to match the colors of the bollards that are in these pictures.

I also used Cricut Design Space to design the grey mat that is behind the photos and graphics. It is fairly easy to do this. I use rectangle “guides” and the graphics themselves to place everything the way that I want it to look, and then I use the “offset” feature to create the mat. If you have a Cricut machine you may access this design at https://design.cricut.com/landing/project-detail/63e938cb210669dc72c44329.

Recently I have been videoing the construction of my scrapbook pages along with telling the story of the event, so if you are interested you can watch it on my YouTube channel below:

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