2022: Lambert's Cafe and Smith Creek Moonshine

2022: Lambert’s Cafe and Smith Creek Moonshine

2022: Lambert's Cafe and Smith Creek Moonshine

Two of the food establishments that we enjoyed on our Family Reunion trip were Lambert’s Cafe (Home of the throwed rolls!) and the Smith Creek Moonshine Tasting Bar.

At Lambert’s Cafe they actually really do throw rolls to you and they are delicious. You order a meat, and then all of the sides come to your table as all you can eat. It is a fun experience at a reasonable price. Just be prepared for a long wait as it is a popular place. We went to the one in Ozark, MO which is just south of Springfield, MO on the way to Branson.

The Smith Creek Moonshine Tasting Bar is on the Branson landing, and we stopped in for a full tasting flight. To be honest I am not much of a moonshine fan, but it was fun to take small sips and then let my son finish them off. The bar has a really cool atmosphere and if you like moonshine – you will love the place!

I decided to combine these two locations into one spread as I did not really have enough pictures from either to justify a full spread. I also thought that they themed well together. I selected a brown theme for this spread to match the colors of the wood in the restaurant and bar. I used a torn edge border with washi tape on the edges to define the space, and used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut machine to cut out the matting for the pages. The Whiskey jar I made from a jam jar graphic and the Cricut draw feature used for the label. I used a metallic cardstock for the lid.

I tried a new technique on the left-hand page border where I used my Cricut machine to cut out a slit for the menu to slide in and out of – and I think that I will used this technique from now on as it created a much smoother pocket than my old technique of just cutting a slit in the cardstock. The left-hand page has a postcard and sticker from the restaurant gift shop as well.

Below is a Mascrapping YouTube channel video of the creative process of this spread, where you can see how the menu pocket works on this spread:

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