2013: Road Trip: Idaho and Oregon

2013: Trip to Idaho

2013: Trip to Idaho

Yellowstone Tour PackagesI had a conference in Idaho that we were trying to get a group of people to, and we realized that we could get there cheaper if we drove, so I planned a road trip across the country.

Originally our exchange student was supposed to drive out to Idaho with us, but the date of the High School graduation was changed, and he wanted to see his friends graduate.  So he stayed behind for graduation and then flew out to Idaho to meet us.   So, for his scrapbook I did not include the trip out to Idaho, and his pages pick up once he joined us.

It became a game for him to try and get to as many of the States as possible, and when we realized that we were only 30 miles from Oregon we took a quick trip to cross the border so that he could say that he had been in another State!

I create this page to look like an old school photo album complete with fake corner photo tabs that I made from black construction paper and a pair of scissors.

Also to fit the “old school” style I also journaled by hand on the page.  This is not something that I usually do since it is not my style, but for this spread I thought that it would look good, and i also felt that I should explain to the viewer why our exchange student was all of a sudden on the other side of the country.

The left hand page show pictures from our quick excursion to Oregon, and the right hand pages showcase pictures and ephemera from the Conference that I was attending (ACSD).  The ephemera includes Jonathan’s name tag for the event, and a Northwest Nazarene University sticker that I bought at the hosting Institution’s bookstore.

It seemed that everyone was getting a picture sitting on a large Elk statue that was on campus so we took part in the tradition as well.  I had an Elk brad left over from an earlier Colorado Hiking Trip spread (Which I haven’t yet shared on this website) so I thought that it would be appropriate to add to the page as well.

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