2008: San Diego Zoo

One of our favorite places to visit in San Diego is the San Diego Zoo. Since we have season passes sometimes we just go to visit for an hour or two. These pictures are from several different trips to the zoo in 2008 that I put all on this one page.  You can see that we went to the zoo alot during our first few months together by viewing “Zoo Trip 2007”  and “Wild Animal Park 2007“.

I found the left hand lion background page at a local scrapbook store, and since I grew up in Africa I knew that I would use it in some project.  I discovered though that it is often difficult to use background paper that has a dominant photograph like this as it forces placement of photgraphs and ephemera and often makes design difficult.

I used thin burlap to create borders for these pictures.  The difficulty with this was that the burlap would not stick to the background page or to the pictures with the sticky tabs that I prefer to use.  I ended up having to use glue to affix the three items together, which is not a preferred technique in my mind.

You will also notice the bead lion and the painted rock that are on the right hand page.  I purchased these at the San Diego Zoo gift shop specifically to put in the album.  I affixed both of these items to the page using clear crafting glue. However, the beaded lion has not worked out so well.  Each time that the album is closed the beads press up against the plastic sheet protector and they have warped the plastic protector so that the page looks strange because of the warping.


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