2016: Coldplay 2

2016: Coldplay Concert – A Head Full of Dreams Tour

2016: Coldplay 1
This is going to be a long blog showcasing three different spreads from our amazing time at the Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams Tour.  We really love Coldplay, and when I found out that there were going to have a concert near us I knew that I had to buy tickets.  I decided to buy them for our birthday presents, and surprise my son.  I bought Coldplay t-shirts online, and hid them in our car, and then I told him we were going into the city to eat supper.  When we parked I pulled out the matching shirts and asked him if he wanted to go to the concert!

I couldn’t afford great seats – so we ended up in the upper part of the stadium.  As is my usual practice I got there before the doors opened and we were there very early.  As we were sitting in our seats some Coldplay crew members saw our matching shirts and asked us if we wanted to trade our tickets for tickets on the floor!  I debated for a little bit and then said sure!  As we were going down to the floor we kept getting pushed forward, and then I realized that we were seated in the FRONT ROW!!!   It was an amazing experience to be right in the middle of the concert and all the excitement.  The bottom left picture is us in our original seats – all of the other pictures were taken from the front row.  To hear my son and I sharing this experience on my podcast –> Lessons From Life Podcast: The Coldplay Concert

This first spread contains our exchanged tickets proving that we were in the front row (I know it says row 2 – but row 1 was short and our row 2 tickets actually were right on the stage fence because the stage curved).  You will also see a watch face, to represent the song “Clocks”, and the small “Love” circle which was part of a button that was given to all of the concert goers.  I chose a clocks background paper as well to match the theme.

I was able to download the “A Head Full of Dreams” logo online in a svg format, and then I used my Cricut machine to cut out that image, which you will see on all 3 of the spreads that I made for this adventure.  I carefully glued it down using a glue pen, as it was too intricate to used adhesive tabs with.

If you look carefully at the right hand side you will see a glittering star, which was shot out of a cannon during the show.  I used a brad to hold it onto the page.

2016: Coldplay 2

This second spread also has the “Head Full of Dreams” logo on it, but this time I put paper birds and transparent glitter stars that had been shot out of a cannon behind it.  You can see what this looked like in the venue if you look at the bottom left picture.  I put the pictures edge to edge on this spread, and then bordered the set in blue to match the blue color of some of the birds on the page.  One of my favorite things on this page is the pic that you can see at the bottom of the right hand page.  After the concert, Johnny Buckland, lead guitarist for Coldplay gave it to my son from the stage. I put it into an adhesive backed plastic pocket and stuck it onto the page.

2016: Coldplay 3

This is the third spread from that amazing night and again I used the Head Full of Dreams logo to center the page and tie the three spreads together.  I chose a blurry lights background page for this spread to mimic the effect in the stadium and backed the photographs in silver to create more sparkle. I used a transparent adhesive to mount the transparent glittering stars to the page.  You can actually see these better in this photograph than on the actual page.  These were more of the items that were shot out of the cannons and various points in the concert.  When the concert was over we were standing in about a foot of the stuff and we grabbed a bunch of it, because I knew that I would use it in the scrapbook.

After the concert we just stood there in awe, at what an amazing experience we had had, and security finally asked us to leave so that they could pack everything up!  A great night and a great experience – and all the memories come flooding back when I look at these three pages.

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