Cancun 2017: AquaWorld

Cancun 2017: AquaWorld

Cancun 2017: AquaWorld
The original plan for the trip was to spend almost everyday by the pool or on the beach, but within an hour of being at the hotel my son discovered the excursions table and found out that we could 5 activities for $300 – and several of them where things that we had always wanted to do. So I caved in and we booked a couple of activities at Aquaworld – which I would highly recommend for great water activities while in Cancun.

There are several spreads in the album dedicated to these activities – but this is the first one that showcases the main location where most of the activities leave from.  I chose a blue water theme for this spread to foreshadow the fun activities that will come on later spreads.  I used the same blue paper to border the photos on the left hand page as is used for the background on the right hand page – this helps to tie the two pages together.

I usually attached brochures to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the can be easily viewed, but the brochure from Aquaworld does not open in a way that would make it easy to do on this page.  So in this case I opted to used a paper strip, anchored by two brads, to slip the brochure over.  This still allows the user to take it off of the spread to look at it – but it takes a little more work as you have to slip the page out of the plastic page protector.

The right hand page has more pictures of the location, and at the bottom right you can see the wristband from the location.  We had to pay a usage tax and this band showed that we had done that.  We had to wear these, in addition to our hotel wristbands, for most of the time that we were there so I think we probably looked very touristy!   I finished this page with a straight edge and torn edge border which I think, if turned sideways, looks like clouds over the ocean.  I decided to put the picture over the top of the border which is something that I don’t normally do.

Xel-Há Park Admission + Optional Activities at special price at Tulum, Riviera Maya .

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