2017: Senior Album – Truck

2017: Senior Album – Truck

2017: Senior Album – Truck
The third page of the Senior album celebrates my son’s truck.  Unfortunately it did not live too much longer as the transmission went out and it cost too much to repair. See – Saying Goodbye to first truck.  It is nice though that it lives on through this page.

This spread again uses the denim paper background with a darker denim for the photo and spread borders.  Another one of our old jean’s pockets made it onto this spread.

I used my sewing machine to attach all of the pictures and their borders to the page.  I first used adhesive tabs to help keep the pictures and borders from moving, but since they are not strong enough to hold the pictures long term, I used the sewing machine to stitch them to the page.

For the spread borders I used a decorative pattern that is built into my sewing machine as I was trying to mimic the stitched patterns on the old jeans pocket on the page.

Ryan A. Dodson – Photographer

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