2017: U2 Concert

2017: U2 Concert

2017: U2 Concert

In 2017 U2 held a Joshua Tree Tour concert in Indianapolis and we went!  We didn’t have the front row experience that we got to have at the Coldplay concert the year before – but it was still an incredible experience and I am so glad that we went.  I have loved U2 since I was a teenager in the 1980s and this tour was a trip down memory lane.  It was interesting to be there as so many of the fans were older people, and I think all the younger people around us were wondering why the older ones kept crying during the concert!

For this spread I selected the colors used in the massive backdrop screen from the concert that can be see in the middle picture.  I was able to find the exact Joshua tree logo as was on the screen online, and I used Cricut Design Studio and my Cricut machine to cut the image out.  I then used this same color paper to create the thin borders around the pictures from the concert and our tickets.

I wanted to get all the pictures on the spread, and still get the effect of the large Joshua tree, so one of the pictures sits across both pages on the spread.  I do this sometimes when the design calls for it.


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