2019: Hoosier Heights – Climbing Facility in Indianapolis

Winters in the Midwest can be long and hard. One of the ways that we got our energy out during the winter months was to go to the Hoosier Heights climbing facility in Indianapolis, IN. I would usually drop by son off for a couple of hours and I would go and do something else, and then come back to pick him up. On this occasion I stayed for a while and got some video and pictures of him doing an inverted climb.

I set the spread up to mimic the action of the inverted climb – so it is a little backwards – start on the right-hand side, follow up to the top and then watch him fall into the pit on the left-hand side. I used grey background paper to match the colors of the inside of the facility. You can see that I put a curbed piece of black paper in the top right-hand corner to mimic the shape of the inverted wall. I found the “Climb” graphic online and was able to cut it out using my Cricut Machine. I left the middle part empty for a couple of reasons – first, to mimic the empty space open under the inverted climbing wall, and second, to make sure that the page didn’t become so busy that the reader was not able to follow the motion of the climb. In hindsight it might have been cool to put some small colored cubs at the bottom of the spread to mimic the foam in the pit below.

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