2011: Hearst Castle – Page 4 – Indoor Roman Swimming Pool and Interior

This is the fourth spread of our Hearst Castle visit and has pictures of the indoor swimming pool (left) and interior pictures from the castle (right).

I chose a gold theme for this spread which matches the colors from the indoor swimming pool and the interior items in the castle.

The lefthand page has pictures from the indoor pool which is very elegant and luxurious. While extremely expensive Hearst’s guests did not like this pool and I think that I understand why – it is very dark in the room and in some ways seems gloomy.

The righthand page has pictures from various rooms in the Hearst Castle. I used a square pinwheel pattern for the photographs and used a Fleur-de-lis corner punch to create the designs in the corners of the matting. I used brass decorative brads in the center of the pinwheel design. Much like the previous page, these brads have caused the plastic page protector to warp which is causing some of the glare issues in the picture.

Here is a cool video of a choir singing at the Hearst Castle Indoor Roman Pool. It allows you to see the architecture and hear the amazing acoustics:

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