Canada Cruise 2010: Bay of Fundy and St John

Canada Cruise 2010: St Johns, Reversing Falls and St Martins Wishing Rocks

Canada Cruise 2010: Bay of Fundy and St John

I really had a great time with this spread and enjoyed how it turned out.  The theme of this page is the wishing rocks that are in the St Martin’s Bay.  Our tour guide encouraged us to take some home so that they could end up with a sandy beach :).  And we did end up taking one home.

In one of my scrapbook packs I actually already had these two background pages of wishing rocks so I knew that I had to use them on this spread.  The journaling block I created to look just like a wishing rock.  I cut a piece of grey cardboard and then splatter painted it, and then gently hand painted the white lines on to it.  I then used a black permanent marker to edge it so that it would stand out against the background page.

The two clay items (coin and leaf) we purchased at the Farmer’s market and they are made of clay from the Bay of Fundy.  I like to collect items such as these to add to our memory books – they must be light weight, small, and thin.

You will also notice that I used a corner cutter to round all the edges of the pictures to mimic the roundness of the wishing rocks.

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