Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

The last day of our cruise!  We pulled into New York harbor in the morning and we enjoyed a breakfast while entering the harbor.  It seemed that most people were skipping breakfast to get ready to disembark, but we had a late flight and I decided that we were going to enjoy every last minute on the boat.

It turned out that that was a good decision as we were seated at breakfast with Richard H. Wagner, the editor of who has been over 50 cruises and writes about his experiences on all of them. As you can see from the blue debarkation luggage tags that I used as borders on the right hand page – we were in group 17 to leave and so we enjoyed standing on our balcony and watching the local harbor traffic until the very last minute.

I was able to get some wonderful pictures of the bridge and the Statue of Liberty in the morning sunrise, as well the tugboats that helped to gently push us into our dock.  If you look closely at the right hand picture you will see that there were two people out on kayaks, and it struck me how small they were compared to the cruise ship that we were on.

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